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"What your business can learn from
the ritual of an Afternoon Tea Experience
Creating Magical, Memorable Moments" 
for your customers, clients & Tea(m) 

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Afternoon Tea Time Experiences
Captivating, engaging, and fun, leaving a lasting impression, with Tea Time Host, Speaker & Author, Tina Jesson.
Immerse. Engage. Inspire. Creating Connection & Kindness
Creating a nurturing environment for your business, clients and tea(m).
With the external stresses of life today, be if from fears of COVID, war, cost of living increases, adapting to changes in working environments, working from home or back in the office. Our businesses, clients & teams are feeling uncertainty, stress and struggle. 
Lets look towards values that bring comfort, connection & kindness back in to business (which we seem to have lost in recent years)
Learning how to build rapport & connection through tea time traditions
People don't remember what you say, but they DO remember how you made them feel!
How can something so simple be SO powerful?
 Sharing food is a great connector and nothing is as powerful as sharing across the tea table.
Eye contact, conversation, please and thanks you, social confidence, appreciation...and you have corporate engagement right there. 
That equals staff retention & motivation, team building, improved customer service and organizations that simply work together better.
Whether you're committing to employee wellness or launching a new product, want to elevate your brand, host corporate VIP events, 
or have overseas visitors to entertain. 
Engage Tina Jesson, as your Key Note Speaker at your next conference or as curator & creator of your next (Tea Time) Experience.
Topics covered can include: 
Secrets of a Tea Room Owner - what business can learn about Service, Connection & Customer Loyalty
 - Understanding the history of Afternoon Tea and why this tradition has lasted so long
- Tea Types 101 & Health Benefits of Tea (tea sampling team building & wellness option)
- Understanding how to make the perfect scone (bake class team building option)
How to serve an Afternoon Tea at home or in your business
 The Polished Professional - Etiquette & Business Networking (ideal for client facing teams & business leaders
Themed Events Creation
Delivered in person or virtually around the world

 "Tina worked with the Redrow Marketing Team to create an experiencial service for our clients which improved our bottom line significantly." 

Simon Bennett
Marketing Director, Redrow Homes

 "Tina worked with the event production team to create 4 room sets, an interactive consultancy area and worked with vendors to help us produce an interactive feature and sell more tickets." 

BBC Good Homes Show
Event Production Team

 "I am so charged up and better able to focus with your advice & coaching. Thank you for making the VIP area of Wellbeing Fest Event such as success - we'll be doing it again next year"

Karmen Fink
Founder, Wellbeing Fest

Ways to Work with Tina

Learn how to... Key Note or Training

Experience and Etiquette Training, so you have the tools and know how to do it yourself in your career, business, corporation or for your venue, as Tina has done in the Hospitality Industry

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Done in partnership with you...

Events can be delivered virtually. Like this one we did in partnership with

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Created or Curated for You

You can engage Tina to consult on your event, create or curate your tea time experience or to work with your team to create your own VIP Experience, just like we did with Bettys Tea Room.

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